“Perpetually surrounded by partially finished books.” My life in six words. That’s me. A researcher by nature, I find solace in the idea of that word of research: to re-search. And that is why my life is so full of books waiting to be searched, books with dog ears and marginalia, books with post-it notes and some (gasp) splayed open like spatch-cocked chickens waiting for their turn to cook in the oven of my brain.

So maybe now you know me better –but wait, you, this is about you and discovering an art –the art of the six-word memoir.

We first discovered Six-Word Memoirs way back in 2008, on NPR on Talk of the Nation. We were immediately pulled into the idea of the ultimate short story, only six words. And for us back then at 4, 8, and 36 the memoirs were a perfect pastime. Fast forward two years to one of our very first Books For Walls Project Reading Challenges: write about your reading life in six words.

BFWP Reading Life Six-Word Memoirs:

“Read to; read on; read into.” Lynn B.
“Finding myself more in others’ discoveries.” John D.
“Another world, a way of life.” Amy.
“Happy, sad, tired, wired, I read.” Margo
“Travel places I couldn’t otherwise go…” Anonymous
“Must. Read. Good. Books. To. LIVE.” Anela
“Read anytime, anywhere, everywhere. Just read.” Janette G.

And so, how does one write a six-word memoir?

Maybe it’s a little simpler to focus on a topic, rather than an entire memoir of your entire life. So think of a part of your life, of what makes you… you. Have you got it? Okay now think about it, for maybe a few minutes. Now grab a pen, a piece of paper and begin writing the words down that come to mind. From those words, does a theme emerge? Write your story!

A six word memoir about writing six word memoir:
Life story in six words is…

Now you try,
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