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“The Listener” 

Sonja Daniels-Moehle is a lifelong lover of learning, constant creator of art, and can often be found exploring the woods and lake near her home in Northern Michigan. When she was old enough to hold a crayon she began supporting her family, as together they create and facilitate community art projects, workshops, and classes.  Lately, she fills her days exploring art-making, continuing ongoing scientific research, and working hard to find ways to keep the community around her inspired, one discovery at a time.

“The Thinker”

Nadia Daniels-Moehle was Born at the turn of the century and hails from an elusive spot in Northern Michigan. A life-long artist, Nadia believes that through art, story, and education the world can transform and she hopes to help that transformation along, in any way she can. When not reading, she is either writing, drawing, painting, studying the sciences and humanities, or thinking philosophical thoughts. You can learn more about her and her work at

“The Researcher”

Amy Daniels-Moehle grew up in Detroit in the 70s-80s and found her place in the world as a researcher focused on the intersection of community building, brain science, culture curation, education research, and supporting literacy and libraries. Since 2001 she has been facilitating communication circles, educational and creative workshops, while supporting myriad non-profits working to bring people together through literacy, creativity, and curiosity. She lives in the woods with her best friends (aka her family, including a very small dog); there she has managed to turn a sandy yard into a pollinator paradise and thankfully has a home library that can keep her occupied for a long, long time.

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