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Look Wonder Discover

Look Wonder Discover is 13 years old, and like many of us in our adolescence, we’re getting to know ourselves better and exploring where to go next. So, the LWD Founders are dedicating a year to research and development.

We’re prototyping content and programing for 2024 and 2025. So while you won’t see much happening in public, on the website, and on social media, don’t let that fool you—we’re continuing to work tirelessly to cultivate curiosity!

Curious about what we’re up to and how to get involved? Start here!

Look Wonder Discover’s mission: “Cultivating curiosity: researching and creating content supporting literacy, learning, creativity, and contemplation.”

Since 2010 we’ve been exploring the question:
can technology and books and libraries all get along?

LWD and our Sister Projects have been creating and facilitating community “curiosity building” projects and workshops since 2007. Our goal has always been to engage, to inspire, and to help humans connect though the act of creativity and inquiry. And of course, to cultivate Curiosity.

Love science? So do we.
Follow along as we explore.

these patterned panels are populated by art that is shared in
the commons –free and available to all.

this current pattern is from Gray Night by Alma Woodsey Thomas (1891–1978) through her art and the colors she used Alma “sought to concentrate on beauty and happiness, rather than on man’s inhumanity to man.” Curious? Learn More, click!