Since 2010 the LWD team has been on a mission to explore possibilities.
Possibilities for healthy relationships with digital technologies.
Possibilities for creative communities.
Possibilities for science communication.
Possibilities for engaged literacy.

And we are just getting started…

Look: represents exploration and planning. We work hard to utilize commons-based sources, which means resources available to everyone and anyone for free. Look is all about engaged exploration in this incredible, technology rich century.

Wonder: represents education and process. Recognizing that once we find things we love to learn, we begin to wonder just how to get there. From libraries, to video series, to MOOCs (massive open online courses), the world is full of free resources for self-directed learning which LWD works to research, vet, and share.

Discover: represents mastery and product. Once we find our resources, lay out our process, and set our goals, then how do we achieve success? LWD works to find solutions for optimizing our learning potentials. Utilizing the latest research and technology we gather and share resource that free humans to become masters in whatever we can dream of.

Look Wonder Discover’s mission: “Cultivating curiosity: researching and creating content supporting literacy, learning, creativity, and contemplation.”

Look Wonder Discover is a 501c3, formally established in 2019. LWD was founded by Gen Z sisters with the help of their Gen X mom. LWD is built upon the foundation of the Books for Walls Project which was established in 2010 and continues to support literacy, libraries, and book love.