The Look Wonder Discover Young Minds Forum is a futures literacy initiative cultivating global cultures of creative resilience in uncertain and changing times.

How the forum began:

The Young Minds Forum (YMF) began during the COVID-19 pandemic in an effort to combine interdependent forms of community building, young voices and their thoughts, and the art of discussion as a form of futures literacy.

Look Wonder Discover, like so many organizations, had to cancel our in-person outreach and programming. Yet, it is that programming that helps our teams feel connected and inspired. The LWD Founders put their heads together with stacks of research and came up with the idea of developing a futures literacy initiative.

Since the art of imagining and community building are at the heart of LWD’s work, the team reached out and into our global community and put the idea into action with a plan. And thanks to a supportive community and invested teams, our inaugural forum was born.

The the 2020 Supporting Young Minds in Local and Global Communities Forum consisted of two parts. In Part One, the Gen Z panel discussed how to support young people in building inclusive, innovative, creative communities. Two days later, in Part Two, established creators and community builders responded to the younger generation’s concerns.

What the Young Minds Forum is:

YMF is a futures literacy initiative encouraging young people to imagine, inquire, reflect on, and discuss their visions and concerns for their–and the world’s–future through the lens of their perspective and experience; and facilitating established community members to listen to and find ways to support the young minds as they navigate the challenging and changing present.