Art can inspire anyone, especially when created by everyone.

What exactly is LWD working on with Commongrounds Cooperative?

Look Wonder Discover is developing and facilitating the creation of a permanent, interactive, community building art installation for Commongrounds Cooperative. The completed public installation will live in the lobby on the second floor in the Commongrounds building, just outside of the Listening Room at the top of the Monumental Stairs. Click here to explore the building.

The LWD mission is to cultivate curiosity and that curiosity is enough to get anyone started, involved, and invested in participating in the process of creating and eventually experiencing the Commongrounds Community Public Art Installation. 

LWD’s definition of a Community Building Art Project
/kə-ˈmyü-nə-tē ‘bildiNG ‘ärt ˈpräˌjekt/
noun:  a creative and engaging, often interactive,
experience offered in a convivial setting.

Photo credit: Harpe Star

LWD is providing this Community Building Art Project, eventually a public installation, for Commongrounds Cooperative.
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This project will be part two of LWD’s series A Taxonomy of Perception.
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