“Art can inspire anyone, especially when created by everyone.”

The Tate Modern defines community art:

“an artistic activity that is based in a community setting, characterized by interaction or dialogue with the community”.

Look Wonder Discover really enjoys words and wordplay, so we conjured an original definition:

Community Building Art Project
         /kə-ˈmyü-nə-tē ‘bildiNG ‘ärt  ˈpräˌjekt/

noun :       a creative and engaging, often interactive, experience offered in a convivial setting. 

Who can participate?

Everyone, and yes,
that means

LWD Community Art is for all ages and artistic abilities.
Our goal, like our mission, is to cultivate curiosity, and that curiosity is enough to get you started with any of our Community Art Projects.


That all depends on when it is and where you are. Visit our Events & Outreach page to see what’s happening or find us on social media, or contact us and let us know how you’d like to be involved!


This is the fun part.

You participate by making art.

That easy.

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LWD and our Sister Projects have been creating and facilitating community art projects and workshops since 2007. Our goal has always been to engage, to inspire, and to help humans connect though the act of creativity. And of course, to cultivate Curiosity.

Community art, just like a community itself, is reliant on each participant, and the more involvement the better.

Each year we brainstorm concepts, workshops, and projects, we continue to recognize that art can inspire anyone, especially when created by everyone.