Look Wonder Discover’s 2019 Community Art Project has a rather complex title, but if the title fits…

…and the title does fit.

Last summer we attempted to create a piece of art that was created by and representative of the hundreds of people who experienced it. To us, it was a great success and cannot wait to begin our 2020 project.

Taxonomy of Perception
          /takˈsänəmē, əv, pərˈsepSH(ə)n/

noun:      is the process of naming and classifying vast and limitless awareness that each human acquires though their senses.

“A Taxonomy of Perception” exhibited at Oliver Art Center. The main structure is flanked by banners listing the myriad perceptions recorded in the Summer of 2019.

“A Taxonomy of Perception” (AToP) is a Community Art Project inspired and prompted by natural, artistic, and mathematical concepts and fueled by inspiration and perception.

In summer of 2019 hundreds of participants experienced a similar process: shared the same prompts, in the same space, using the same materials, then recognized, identified, and recorded their perception of the experience.

The six piece, three part project is combined into an installation, about the height of a human, made up of concentric circles. The sculpture can be twisted and manipulated to witness a multitude of perceptions.

The installation includes the list of perceptions recorded by participants, creating a map to navigate the art, which just might create another perception… yours.

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