What can you image the world needs? What are you looking for? Have you (figuratively) lost something? Want to invite the universe to image with you?

Thanks to our friends at The Art Assignment*,
we have an assignment for you by artist Nat Russell,
we’re invited to Make a Fake Flyer.

“Today we meet with artist and musician Nathaniel Russell. Nat’s work plays with the divide between real and imagined, making posters and flyers for events that may or may not exist. His assignment asks you to make a fake flyer and share it with the world too.”

Source: The Art Assignment.

Make a flyer that gives advice, shares something about your life,
or promotes an imagined event. Put it out in to the world.
Bonus points for uploading a photo of the flyer posted in the real world,
share it with the #ArtAssignment #YouAreAnArtist
and @lookwonderdiscover.

*coming soon our interview with The Art Assignment
and You are an Artist creator Sarah Urist Green