Introducing LWD’s Research Consultant and Contributing Writer Kennedy Augusto Beer

“I believe that the library transcends a place of reading and learning, for me the library is a place of reflection and dreams.”
Kennedy Augusto Beer

(Image: Kennedy with Monteiro Lobato Library Librarian Mauren Mayumi Ono Photo credit: Kennedy Augusto Beer)

I’m Kennedy Augusto Beer, and I’m from Guinea-Bissau. I have a degree in Public Administration from the University of International Integration of Afro-Brazilian Lusophony (UNILAB).

I am currently working on a master’s degree in Sao Paulo, Brazil, at the Federal University of ABC. I was a member of a network of young journalists who helped empower children in Guinea-Bissau.

I always want to do my best to help those who need it most through education so that one day they can be people who will work very hard to help Guinea-Bissau and Africa.

Kennedy has been working with LWD since 2020. As a Young Minds Forum member, he’s helped lead discussions about futures literacy, collaborated on research projects, and now he’s reviving our Discovering Libraries column with an upcoming series about the power of libraries. 

From his experience in Guinea-Bissau to studying in Brazil, Kennedy will explore how libraries open doors and, in an interview with a librarian at the Monteiro Lobato Municipal Library in Brazil, how essential it is to support libraries.

Because as Kennedy writes:

“It is precisely in this intrinsic power that exists within the library that I deeply believe, the library is not a space only for books, or simply reading, but the library is a space that transforms human beings and consequently society.”