Look Wonder Discover’s 2019 Community Art Project launched at Friday Night Live in Downtown Traverse City. Part One engaged nearly 350 participants who all dipped their paintbrushes and tapped into their artistic skills and unique perspectives

Learn a little about the 2019 project:

The project consist will consist of six pieces, three parts, and hundreds (maybe even thousands) of perspectives which will all be part of a single installation.

The 2019 Community Art Project focuses on how humans can experience the exact same things with different perceptions and use the same materials to share different perspectives.

All participants experienced a similar process:
shared the same prompts,
in the same space,
using the same materials,
within the same community.

Each participant painted in a small circle while reflecting on the project’s prompts.

Then the painters were asked to recognize and identify their own perception of the experience.

To finish, participants wrote down their perception, creating a map of people’s thoughts and perspectives while they participated. These will be displayed in the final installation.

We enjoyed two magical evenings at #FridayNightLive in Downtown Traverse City –mark your calendar for August 2020 when we’ll be presenting our next Community Art Project. Hope to see you then!

Read more about what this community art is all about! And better yet, learn more about this year’s project. And the absolute best: check out our events page to see the completed project

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